Pickin' Circle, Ya Heard?

Yes, we’ll have a pickin’ circle at the fest, so bring your instruments. I repeat, artists are encouraged to show up with their instruments, break them out, and make like a member of DGQ in the middle of the lobby floor.  No slack from the security, no heat from the fuzz, just good pickin’.  I swear I better hear Shady Grove covered.  I think I can probably count on it.  Check out this pic of the Congress Lobby, it looks like the freakin’ Titanic’s interior.  Guess which is which, I dare you.

Also, if you’re sick of my mediocre wit, I have some better writing for you to check out.  Some rad sites, rad posts, rad reviews, and rad podcasts.  See you at the festival!

  • If you care about artists as much as you say you do, you should probably care about this (HearYa)
  • I feel a little sceezy plugging someone that is in the Last Banjo Standing contest in the interest of fair play, but this Carl Davis guy is probably too cool for online contests anyway (Chicago Blues Guide)
  • Dana Falconberry is purrrrrtier than my girlfriend, and probably more talented, but I think I like her better as a friend who supplies me with songs that make my life feel like a children’s book while on acid (songs:Illinois)
  • If you want free tickets to this here Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival, don’t bother me about it.  Bother Stacy and the crew at Babble and Beat or Theft Liable to Prosecution. They’re practically giving them away (Babble and Beat; Theft Liable to Prosecution)
  • So who’s the New Groove of the Month?  It’s up to you to decide (Jambands)
  • OMG! I’ve totally hung out with these Breakers Broken guys in a green room once.  They make for a better podcast than your 12-year-old cousin sqwauking about Fall Out Boy and what she ate for Lunch with her bff Stanley. (Chicago Underground Acoustic)
  • Nothing like a good plug for the local mechanic…That sounded awesomely porno-ish (The Local Tourist)
  • Listen to this song by Department of Eagles, then go outside and walk around pretending you’re heartbroken or on heroine.  If you really are on either, I apologize if that seemed insensitive (RadioFreeChicago)
  • I literally have no idea what to say about this (Tiny Mix Tapes)
  • Hey, I know this guy! He used to play with Grisman (Bluegrass Works)
  • You’d be all about this guy even if his dad wasn’t Steve Earle, trust me (Americana Roots)
  • This Lydia Lurch woman would beat my ass and give me a semi (Gapers Block/Transmission)
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